The Tiger’s Whisker

I did a wisdom tale project with Thomas and Cayden. It was really fun. We made a script and did an act. The wisdom tale we did was The Tiger’s Whisker. There was a tiger, a mom, a husband and a love potion guy and narrator. The husband just came back from a war and his wife missed him so she was always being with him and would never leave him alone so he got mad. So the wife went to get a love potion but he said no. The moral was to be patient. It was super fun being the wife and talking in a girl voice. We all enjoyed it and I think it went pretty well.

Final Four

I was at the UNC vs Duke game in the Final Four in New Orleans. It was electric and thrilling. I was very stressed out. It was very cool seeing all the famous people there like Charles Barkley, a basketball player in the hall of fame and others. It was also maybe coach k duke head coach’s last game if UNC beat them and they did. Only by 4 with a crazy three pointer my Caleb love a player from North Carolina. Duke head coach retired by losing to his rival in the Final Four which was awesome because I am a UNC fan.

Camp Hanes

Thursday is the day to go to Camp Hanes. The bus pulled up and we were ready to put in our luggage and get on the bus.The bus was energetic and thrilling. We watched a movie, ate candy and talked to friends. We got to Camp Hanes and it was beautiful. 

There were many activities like rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, archery and team building activities. I got to do three activities like rock climbing, a hike and team building. The rock climbing was amazing. There was a hammock up top to just chill there before you went back down. The hike was really fun. You were with your friends and there were hills and a beautiful view at the top.

The experience there was amazing. You were playing with friends having fun eating food in the cafeteria. It was a little crazy but fun. The campfire was fun sitting next to friends and playing around and making jokes was awesome. I enjoyed being with friends and bonding with my advisor even when one of my best friends wasn’t there. I am proud of bonding with my advisor and just having fun even when some things weren’t going how it was supposed to be like with hurricane Ian. I could not do canoeing and archery but we still had a fun time. We got on the bus ready to go back to DA. It was raining and thrilling. We got back and ate our lunch that Camp Hanes made then we were ready for pickup.

Finding Someplace

In the book Finding Someplace written by Denise Lewis Patrick the main character Reesie had to pack a backpack. There was a hurricane coming in New Orleans called Katrina. There was really bad water up to the roof at people’s houses and trees everywhere on houses in the streets. The power is out and nothing works. The only shelter people had was going to the SuperDome where the Saints play. Thousands of people were in there and it was crazy trash all over the place and people were crying and depressed. So you need to get everything to survive. She had to get things fast and get ready.

If there was a hurricane in Durham, North Carolina, I would put a protein bar and barbecue Lays chips because I need food to survive.I would also need Deer water to stay hydrated and live. I would bring clothes and a flashlight with batteries if the flashlight dies. There is even more to bring like a Gatorade, a blanket, a pillow, a birth certificate and a passport. If Reesie did not have food then you will die but you want healthy food so that is why I have a protein bar. I need water so I don’t die and so I can be hydrated. That would be all I would bring if there was a hurricane.